The students are shopping, the cameras are charging and the excitement is thriving. It’s prom season, the most intoxicating time of the year. The enchanting idea of spending an unparalleled night of pure, high school bliss with the perfect person is too contagious to fend off. The whole school is glowing with anticipation. But one crucial question transcends the rest: what should I wear?

Senior Aidan Henderson has been planning her prom outfit since the beginning of the year. After months of searching, she finally found the perfect dress.

My dress is a high-necked two piece long dress,” Henderson said. “It has a white bottom with a beaded/embroidered top with some pretty designs. I plan to get some nude heels to wear and have minimal jewelry. I will probably have some basic earrings and a bracelet.”

Henderson explained that the dress is a good representation of her personal style: minimalist, clean and girly but not flamboyant. She also believes prom is a good place for trying new things, like wearing colors you normally wouldn’t wear.

“[The dress] is also white which is kind of the opposite of who I am,” Henderson said.  “Normally I wouldn’t get a white dress since I am constantly spilling food on myself.”

Following in Henderson’s footsteps, Henry Trentham has been anticipating his senior prom for over a year. Although he does not have such a solid plan, according to Trentham, he has a pretty good idea of what he wants.

“I want to convey style and class and sharpness,” Trentham said. “I want to show up to prom looking like James Bond or Jason Statham; or the Future Sex/Lovesounds Justin Timberlake vibe.”

Trentham knows exactly how he is going to accomplish this.

“I am probably going to wear a full tux because it’s senior prom and everything,” Trentham said. “Although if I can I’m going to get a matching black slacks and jacket super tailored, real fitted, and then a really skinny black tie in a sort of Burberry 90’s throwback type thing.”

Alabel Chapin, a junior at LASA and fashion enthusiast, is very excited about prom.

“For my prom outfit, I went to a liquidator store and bought a dress for pretty cheap because I didn’t really want to spend a lot on my prom dress,” Chapin said.

Chapin decided to go with a dress she felt confident in.  

“I am going to wear a short white dress that looks like something a Kardashian would wear because it is super tight and low-cut and sexy,” Chapin said. “I haven’t picked my shoes yet, but I will also try to get them from a thrift/vintage store.”

There are many approaches to picking out the perfect prom dress, and everyone has their own way of doing it.

“I really just went and tried on a bunch of things and picked whatever I felt the best in.” Chapin said.

Chapin believes a girls prom dress says a lot about who she is as a person. According to Chapin, her goal is to express how bold and confident she is.

“I think people always think they can’t pull things off and limit themselves, so I try to wear whatever I want and be really expressive,” Chapin said.“The dress is a bit risqué, but I think it’s hot and what better time to look your sexiest self than at prom?”.

Pictures never go away, and what you wear will be remembered forever. Choose wisely.


Okay i know this is a lot of editorializing, but i feel like the story would be hard to write without it. Prom is about expressing yourself and getting excited about it, the editorializing may turn this story into a commentary but i feel like it adds flare and is necessary.