Hip-hop music rings loudly through the dungeon hallways as the First Ladies and Gentleman laugh and dance in the mirrored room, preparing for the upcoming Spring Showcase. The theme for this year’s spring show, Youth, was chosen a year ago, even before LBJ dance teacher and First Ladies director Shelby Miller was hired. To follow the theme, the dances will incorporate youthful characters such as mermaids, fairies and cowgirls.

“The seniors do it themselves, the vets do it themselves,” Miller said. “They totally pick themes and choreograph dances on their own. I just monitor and make sure everything is appropriate.”

The spring performance, a showcase, had previously been just for the LBJ drill team, the First Ladies. This year Miller hopes to include the fine arts students as well.

“They are more than welcome to try out for the dance and learn it because the First Ladies will need changing time and time offstage, so I want to offer that to my dance classes if they’d like,” Miller said. “The fine arts students already had the winter show which they did for a grade, so this will be more of an opportunity for if they want to perform and promote what they do as well.”

Besides dances for the fine arts students, most of the performances are choreographed by the First Ladies themselves. LBJ junior and First Gentleman David Meriwether said that the team has just finished preparing for and competing in their competition, so they have just begun making up dances and practicing.

“[Making up dances is] both fun and stressful because not only do we have to choreograph dances, but we have to make sure it’s clean and that it looks good,” Meriwether said. “But when it all comes down to the spring show it’s worth it and it’ll be something that we can look back on. I’m both nervous and excited for the showcase because I did the new members dance, but this year now that I’m actually on the team it’ll be really exciting.”

The show, open to everyone on the 27 and 28 of April in the theater, is something returning members look forward to sharing with the many new members on the team. According to LASA junior and First Lady Junior Lieutenant Zoe Troy, practices have been going well so far and the team is preparing well for the performance.

“I’m really looking forward to it. The spring show is my favorite show of the year,” Troy said. “Depending on how our practices go, I think it should go really well.”

Veterans and Rookies each choreograph and perform their own dances in addition to participating in numbers with the rest of the First Ladies. Miller also plans to ask other dance groups, such as K-Pop dance Club, to be featured in the performance.

“The spring show is kind of a compilation of a lot of things that we’ve done throughout the year as well as spotlighting certain groups,” Miller said. “For example, the vets do their own dance, the rookies do their own dance, seniors do a dance. It’s just a chance for the dance to really show off everything they’ve done this year and kind of have their own creative liberties on dances and stuff like that.”