This season of the bachelor has been a rollercoaster to say the least. Nick Viall is this season’s Bachelor. Not only is this not his first time second time appearing on the multimillion dollar franchise, but he’s actually been on this show a whopping three times (“Bachelor In Paradise” included).

In a house with 30 women you can almost guarantee that there will be some sort of drama occurring throughout this elimination process, but what sets this season apart from the others is how shocking Nick’s decisions were when it came to the dates and rose ceremonies. Viall has pulled some of the biggest shockers in “Bachelor” history including falling in love with the season’s villain, holding intimacy at a higher value than love and blatantly threatening to just not pick anyone period. New “Bachelor” viewer and LASA junior, Clarissa Bird, described her biggest shocker of the season to be just how far the designated villain, Corinne Olympios, made it this season.

“Usually the designated villain of the season doesn’t make it down to the final four,” Bird said. “I think a lot of the criticism she got was pretty valid, especially about her being immature and entitled.”

Olympios surprised us all by making it to the second to last rose ceremony. On her first group date she took her top off in front of Nick as well as all of the other girls to try and set herself apart from the rest of the group. The spoiled daddy’s girl who, at age 24, still has a nanny, managed to use her powers of manipulation and her “platinum vagine” to win over Viall. I was personally shocked just to see Olympios’ sheer falsehood towards Viall about her relationships with other contestants in the house and how Viall couldn’t seem to separate sexual attraction from being emotionally compatible with her. Olympios blatantly lied about her feud with fellow contestant Taylor on a two-on-one date with Viall where Taylor called her out saying she had never called Olympios any foul names. Viall sent Taylor home unjustly during that date, saying that her going home had nothing to do with Olympios. Nick claims that he simply didn’t have the same connection with her that he had with some of the other girls. The only impression Olympios had left by that point was that she was the fun girl who would take her top off to not go home.

Fellow “Bachelor” spectator, junior Holden Hunter, felt as though Nick consistently made this error over and over which led to both Nick and the girls feeling a sense of hesitance towards their connections.

“After each rose ceremony you could sense that the girls were holding themselves back from truly connecting with Nick,” Hunter said. “Most of the girls felt scared that he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship.”

All of the final three contestants had expressed these concerns throughout the show, and it was clear to see midway through the season that maybe there was a reason he hadn’t been chosen in previous seasons. Finalist Vanessa Grimaldi expressed her fear of this early on. The women Viall consistently kept choosing weren’t women who he had made connections with, but rather the prettiest. On her home town date Grimaldi’s sister had called her out for how little her and Viall had actually talked about their future. Viall is planning to propose to one of these women yet he’s making minimal effort to seriously talk to them about personal concerns.

In a shocking ending Raven was set home and Vanessa became the future bride of Nick Viall. Overall this season provided a whole lot of excitement, but as a recommendation for next season, maybe try and search for someone who’s looking to be in a relationship.