From Austen to Austin


Campus carry shot down


More Portables, More People, Less Space

The fault in our [STAAR]s

The Texas Education Agency has fined the Education Testing Service (ETS) $20.7 million, the largest ...

New AISD bus-tracking app takes off; both parents and students can track buses in real time

Austin Independent School District (AISD) has launched a new app called WherestheBus, which helps p...

Updated Teacher Accountability System may result in adjustments for teachers

In the state of Texas, all districts are given the choice to adopt the state appraisal system or cre...

South magnet attracts ongoing discussion

Currently, LASA is the only magnet program in the Austin area, but that could all change soon. Membe...



LBJ vs Manor


LBJ vs Anderson


Baseball season starts off with a swing and a new coach

The crack of another bat smashing a home run rings out across the baseball field. Baseball practice ...

LBJ wins rival game

No one expects to see fireworks at a high school football game, but when it comes to the LBJ-McCallu...

Fresh LBJ volleyball coach sets fans a new season

A shrill whistle echoes throughout the gym as the girls high-five each other before returning to the...

Retired LBJ soccer coach returns for 2016 season

After spending over 25 years as the coach of LBJ boys soccer, as well as teaching at LBJ, Cipriano M...